About 2 Soft Systems
your most reliable partners for computerized business applications
In an increasingly challenging market you need software that lets you focus on your business, not having to fumble with disparate applications that dont synchronize with each other.
We are in the business of software development of quality computerized business software using Powerbuilder & Sybase products as main development tools. We offer an extensive product range of integrated business applications in Arabic and English. We develop, install and train you to use the applications and work with you as partners all along. With our expertise and knowledge of business systems, we are extremely flexible toward the individual requirements of our customers.

2 Soft Systems are managed by Informa­tion specialists who have spent many years in several fields of information technologies. 2Soft employ full time professionals and provide complete turnkey solutions, software customization development and customer support to large number of customers in Kuwait.

Programs are based on unique data modules allowing easy installation and modification to meet changing customer needs and employ an advance data integrity technique called "Target Locking". This feature allows operation to continue automatically after an interruption due to hardware, software or power failure.

2Soft success is contributed to the high quality codes, long business and computer experience, commitment to customer services and support.

Programs are designed in small modules, easy to use and able to work together to deliver sophisticated integrated busi­ness solution that integrate company activities and generate related transactions automatically to achieve maximum benefit to customer efficiency.