2 Soft Systems is well known for its ease of use and depth of features for any school (is intended for English or Arabic private schools to increase the overall level of organization and efficiency.

Our Student Registration & Accounting software module is a Windows based program designed to quickly and easily register students for classes. It gives you the management and administrative reports you need to effectively manage your program, and is fast, reliable and easy to use, as well as incredibly simple to learn.

Student Information & Accounting System is designed to manage student's data and their financial accounting status.  It handles student registration, bus registration, school and bus accounting.  It supports next year school/bus registration, deposits, class and bus allocation.  This system supports multiple departments and can control each department separately.

The program is based on advanced relational data base technology (Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, SQL) and provides maximum flexibility, ease of use and performance.  Student Registration & Accounting System include recovery program (Target Locking) for data recovery.  Customers may order the Arabic or English version.  Either option may be ordered in Single/Multi users, and runs on Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2000/2003 Servers (NT Technology). 


·         Current Year Information

o   School/Bus registration and School/Bus accounting.

·         School Registration

o   Allows adding, updating, deleting and viewing students data  which include information about the student, family, school, accounting status, ect.

·         Bus Registration

o   Allows adding, updating and deleting students using buses.  The system handles registration for buses in the morning/afternoon as well as for various distances traveled.

·         School Accounting 

o   This function keeps track of each parent's financial accounting status.  this required fees that each student has to pay.  supports various discounts for student.

·         Bus Accounting

o   This function keeps track of each student registered for using buses and automatically generates transactions of bus fees for morning/afternoon according to the distance traveled.

·         Next Year Information

o   School/Bus registration, this function handles school/bus registration as in current year school/registration.

·         Report Card Printing (optional) 

o   Print report cards on a pre-printed report card.

·         Online Registration (Optional) (New)

o   Use our online registration solution through our partner company Sybase (EAServer Technology). Your students or there parents can click a button on your website and which can be linked to your web application server, pop up a series of questions that will serve to register your students for the next year or to any activity you offer.

o   Specify a number of available spaces for each activity which are available for online registrations. Include day, time and other details or options.

o   Automatically receive an email confirmation with the details of the registration. Your customer can also choose to receive an email confirmation of the registration.

o   View grades

o   Check events

o   Check student attendance and performance (instructors opinions)

o   Accept Credit Cards Online, You can also receive your students payment through a secure server and the funds will transfer to your bank account

Benefits of On Line Registration & Services:

  • Increase Revenue: You'll get more registrations because it's easier for students to register
  • Attract New Students: Increased exposure through the Internet translates to more students
  • Improve Staff Productivity: Reduced paperwork tracking with automatic e-mail correspondence
  • Access Powerful Reporting: Revenue vs. expense analysis / participation summary
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Access to registration and payments 24/7 - no waiting in line
  • Integrate with Existing Web Site: Maintain your school look and colors

·         SMS Capability (Optional) (New)

o   Send bulk SMS message to students, parent's announcement events or any desirable news.

·         ID's Printing (Optional ) (New)


o   The system provides different types of reports handling school administration and accounting.  Mentioned below are some of the reports

o   Students ages

o   Telephone numbers

o   Student class report

o   Students school fees

o   Student's nationalities.

o   List of students on morning/afternoon buses by bus No./area

o   Bus fees

o   School/bus discrepancy reports.

o   List of parents account numbers

o   Parent's statement of account

Fully Customizable to meet your organization needs.