Payroll system deals with the monthly employee payments integrated with additional subsystems like:




This system is designed to replace normal hierarchical operation with simple procedural approach. This design is open ended allowing operation at all times giving up to date information on Pay Slips, Accounting analysis and Bank statements. It works in the Local Area Network environment and is supported by our target-locking program. Payroll System is available in Arabic and English versions.

System Functions

Employee pay profile with earning and deduction details. Easy to use menu driven programs. Adjustments at any time allowed to any employee pay code. Year to date totals of all payments and deduc­tions. Link between subsystems and pay profile is totally trans­parent to users. All processing repeatable without any rigid procedures. All reports to screen or printer.

Payroll System Reports

  • Pay Slip including year to date totals.
  • Department wise earning/deduction report.
  • Monthly Bank Statement.
  • Earning/Deduction Report by pay code.

Personnel Basic Module

The Personnel system enables the user to maintain various personal details of employees. It is integrated with the vacation system, which keeps up to date information on employee leave. This system works in Local Area Network environment and supported by Target Locking program. It is available in Arabic and English version.

System Functions

The data entry procedures are in modular form, classified according to a group of related information to facilitate the data entry operation. It also keeps financial information on leave, end of service indemnity and administrative details. The ministry of social affairs WORK PERMITS information is recorded and printed in Arabic. The vacation system keeps details of the current year leave details and consolidated information on previ­ous year balance of days available for leave. All reports are to screen or printer.

Personnel System Reports

  • All information can be retrieved by employee number, name, department, residence expiry date etc.
  • Up-to-date employee leave report.
  • Up-to-date report showing employee leave balance and payment due.
  • End of service indemnity with up to date information.