Basic Module

This product is a component of 2Soft Systems General accounting products. It is designed to run as stand alone or integrated fully with General ledger. AP system helps you in monitoring supplier bills, payments and outstanding and assists you in planning cash requirements. It also integrates with the accounts receivable and Sales, Order, Inventory and the total office automation system. The program is based on advanced relational data base technology and provides maximum flexibility, ease of use and performance. AR include recovery program (Target Locking) for data recovery. Customer may order the Arabic or Latin version. Either option may be ordered in single user or Multi user on Windows NT or Windows 2000 Professional network plate forms. The basic program provide complete AR accounting and the following facilities:

  • 4-digit customer account number, up to a maximum of 9999 customer
  • When ordered in stand-alone mode, it includes full data entry routines for reporting invoices and payments from vendors.
  • Integrate with General Ledger and other components of the 2Soft Systems office automation products.
  • Transaction posted to this ledger is automatically posted to General Ledger total account for Payable.
  • Multiple currency support.
  • The system allows two concurrent years. New year accounts may be opened before closing of current year (can be customized open individual requirements).
  • Transaction may be posted to either yearbook concurrently and the system updates balances automatically for all periods.
  • Current date and due date are kept by the system for reporting purposes.
  • Menu screen & 10 level of security can be defined for each user the system log the name of user on all business transaction entered by that user for audit purpose.
  • Monthly transaction listing by JV number or by account number
  • Year to date transaction listing by JV number, and account number plus period.
  • AP trails balances reporting with monthly yearly or accumulated movements for any selected period.
  • Account status report with opening balance, movements and closing balance for any selected period.
  • All reports to screen or printer

Optional Features

Open Item Accounting

This advance feature is designed for managing of open item accounting requirements. It will report year to date statement of account of all open and those not allocated invoices and payment. This feature provides the bases for aged analysis reporting.

Arabic Statement for Latin System

This advanced function will enable customers using Latin system to produce Arabic statement of account. When this feature is installed the system offer automatic user defined translation table for transaction descriptions on the statement.

Special Reports

  • Allocation Journals
  • Settlements Journals
  • Accounts Payable Reports
  • AP Trail Balance D/M/Y
  • Statement of Account
  • Clean Statement of Account
  • Vendor Labels
  • Vendor Account Status
  • Payment Journals
  • Sales Journals
  • Aged Analysis