System Functions

Maintains an inventory file for stock with 14 alphanumeric item codes. Multiple warehouse support. Handles inventory:

  • Sales/S. return
  • Issues/I. Return
  • Receipts
  • Transfers
  • Adjustments

Updates automatically stock average cost. Support for sale and cost price. Easy to use and menu driven application. Generates and posts inventory related accounting automatically (if integrated with accounting system).

Physical inventory report sheets. All reports to screen or printer.

Stock Reports by Category/Warehouse

  • Item sale price
  • Item cost price
  • Item quantity
  • Stock count
  • All warehouses item quantity

Stock reports by Supplier

  • Item sale price
  • Item cost price
  • Item quantity
  • Warehouse reports
  • Supplier + Category reports
  • Warehouse + Supplier + Category reports

Optional Reports

  • Movement reports by type
  • Movement reports by part number
  • Movement reports by supplier and customer
  • Item part number daily/monthly/analysis
  • Item part number yearly analysis
  • Item part number history record
  • Salesman sales report by invoice/customer/supplier
  • Yearly sales for supplier