2 Soft Systems Factory Production is dedicated to helping manufacturers improve customer responsiveness and eliminate waste by delivering innovative factory management solutions built around the principles of production.

Factory Production System has been developed by specialists teamed with experienced software professionals to provide factory personnel with the integrated tools they need to effectively design, operate, and continuously improve manufacturing facilities.

Through the deployment of the Factory Production System , and the guidance of experienced consultants, Factory Production System is helping a growing number of leading companies in different line of industries move to the next level of performance on continues improvements.

Production Costing system deals with material requisition for factory product manufacture and costing of the finished product automatically, using data of raw materials used and all other expenses involved for production. It coordinates material, equipment, and human resources to optimize productivity across all manufacturing activities

The system integrates with the Inventory Control System to do on line updates :

·         Update stock level

·         Update average cost of the item

·         Create automatic transaction

The program is based on advanced relational data base technology (Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise SQL) and provides maximum flexibility, ease of use and performance.  Factory Production may be used stand alone or integrated with the other application of the complete office automation system (Accounting & Inventory).   The Factory Production  include recovery program (Target Locking System) for data integrity.  Customers may order the Arabic or English version.  Either option may be ordered in Single/Multi users, and runs on Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2000/2003 servers (NT Technology), using Sybase & PowerBuilder. 

System Functions

·         Maintains a profile of material requisition and all other information like depreciation, direct cost, labor etc. for producing a single unit of finish product.

·         Multiple warehouse support.

·         Updates automatically stock level and cost

·         Easy to use menu driven application

·         Generates and posts Production related accounting automatically if integrated with accounting system.

·         Prepares material requisition forms

·         Reports raw material used for producing different items.

System Reports

Monthly production by item

Monthly production by machine

Monthly production by category

Monthly production statistics reports.