DELIVER NOTES system is designed to update online, the inventory stock during credit sales/ returns data entry and generate the necessary sales accounting automatically. It is an add on feature to the full integrated inventory and accounting system and will not run by itself. It operates in Local Area Network environments. Single users as well as multi-user versions are available in Arabic and English versions.

System Functions

Data entry service for credit sale of stock items. Fully compatible with Inventory reporting facilities. Customer price contract for various items. Easy to use menu driven programs. Direct quantity stock update. Menus, Submenus and 9 levels of password security. Invoice generation for single/ all customers with automatic generation of Sales, Accounts receivable, Cost of sale & Inventory accounting. Invoice printing for single or group of invoices(optional). Open item and balance forward accounting. Sales analysis (optional). All reports to screen or printer.

Delivery Notes Reports

Up-to-date invoiced & uninvoiced delivery notes reports.

Movement report of stock issues.

Daily delivery notes/ returns reports.

Monthly & yearly Delivery Note report.

Optional previous year or year-to-date sales analysis.